Cylinder Head Gaskets

Composite Cylinder Head Gaskets 

Classical” Cylinder Head Gaskets consist of a tanged metal carrier sheet, onto which the composite material is rolled on both sides. Metal fire rings seal the combustion chambers and protect the sensitive composite material from overheating.

Although this technology is practically no longer applied to the new engines, still a big range of this kind of gaskets is requested in the aftermarket.

Multi-Layer steel gaskets (MLS)

MLS head gaskets, consist of two to five sheets of spring or carbon steel and are sandwiched to form a multilayer steel gasket.

The growing demand to reduce fuel consumption and emissions leads to weight-optimized engine designs and higher peak pressures. Also, the use of light metals and reduced wall thicknesses leads to a reduction in engine component stiffness.

This results in increased stress and modern head gaskets must be able to seal against potential dynamic sealing gaps.

Elwis Royal MLS gaskets are produced to overcome these challenges. We are proud to transfer our expertise, experience, and quality into these specific replacement parts.

Elwis Royal support the mechanics all around the world with its high quality and a very good range of Head Gaskets suitable for almost all passenger cars.

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